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Nala cat™ and Family have 12.5 million followers on Instagram

Nala cat™, a kitten saved from a high kill shelter 12 yrs ago is the world's most followed cat in Instagram. She is the leader of the ResQ Super Squad. Their mission is to stop euthanasia & educate about the community benefits of spay and neuter. You can help them save lives by playing ResQ World.

The film is FREE inside of the ResQ World

$19.99 Value

Just want to help the mission?

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Collect them all!

Unique “ResQ Super Squad” digital cards and Founder’s Badges are the key to unlock the ResQ World Game

Legendary .glb

Gameplay Features:

  • Social Community
  • Founder's Badge Access
  • Digital Pet Gallery
  • Theater
  • Match 3 Game
  • Mini Games
  • Microtransactions
  • In-game upgrades
  • Multiple Worlds
  • Bonus Gems & Tokens to Play
  • Play and Earn
  • Viral Match 3 Gameplay

Collect Pets & Prizes

Jump in Between Worlds

Bonus Gems & Coins for Signing In

ResQ has a clothing line

20% goes to animals in need

Rocket launch

Roadmap 2024

Ready for Launch

Strategic Alliances

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